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B365 Saussures Collagen Warm Beauty Drink

Tag: 雪莲胶原蛋白 B365雪莲胶原暖颜饮

Aürance  United Rare and Endangered Medicinal Plants National Joint Engineering Research Center solemnly launched a 37.2 Celsius Collagen Warm Beauty Drink with trans-epochal significance, which not only won the authoritative certification of many countries, but also won the national invention patent.

Main Active Components of Saussurea involucrata Culture

Saussurea involucrata culture contains more active ingredients than Saussurea involucrata. Your beauty is destroyed by it. There is a "house" in a woman's body.

"Room" cold, then cold triggers monthly pain for women
Environmental Deterioration, Daily Injuries
Little by little, my body began to go downhill.

The uterus is our woman's second life, palace cold will cause dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, abnormal menstruation, fear of cold, so in addition to palace cold, regulating menstruation, tonifying qi and blood.

Let women blossom at 37.2 degrees Celsius. The most beautiful appearance is the moistening of love.
You at 37.2 C

Aolan United National Joint Engineering Research Center for Rare and Endangered Medicinal Plants solemnly launched a 37.2 C Collagen Warm Beauty Drink, which subverts the tradition and has trans-epochal significance, so that Saussurea involucrate is no longer a luxury in the eyes of the public, but a high nutritional value health product that ordinary people can afford to consume. The cell culture of Saussurea involucrata has won not only national authoritative certification, but also national invention patents.

A drink that makes women blossom at 37.2 degrees Celsius all the time

Saussurea involucrata, growing in the Tianshan Mountains above 4000 meters above sea level, is a world-renowned rare medicinal herb with snow cover, thin air, strong ultraviolet radiation and unique medicinal value. Snow lotus has the effect of regulating menstruation, stopping bleeding and dispelling cold. It has a significant regulating effect on menstruation, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

B365 Saussurea Collagen Warm Beauty Drink is aimed at helping women to regulate endocrine and uterus, so as to achieve cosmetic effect of health food.

What are the ingredients of B365 Snow Lotus Warm Beauty Drink?

[B365 Saussurea Collagen Warm Beauty Drink]

Six core ingredients: snow lotus, jujube, fish collagen, wolfberry, donkey-hide gum and ginger. —— Warm palace to keep your face healthy, from inside to outside double nurturing! ___________

[Saussurea involucrata] has the functions of promoting blood circulation, dispelling cold and dehumidifying.

Ejiao has the effect of nourishing blood and yin.

[jujube] sweet and warm taste is a good product for tonifying qi and nourishing blood.

[Lycium barbarum extract] has the effects of pre-immunization and anti-aging.

[Ginger] Disperse cold in warming, Tongmai in Huiyang and Huayin in warming lung.


Functions of Snow Lotus Gum Warm Palace Drink:

B365 Best-selling Products [Saussurea Collagen Warm Beauty Drink] Five Functions of Beauty-Maintaining the Beauty of Women's Core in the Whole Course

Function 1: Balance female hormones, relieve body and mind

Function 2: Ovarian maintenance, warming the uterus

Function 3: Nourishing Yin, Supplementing Blood and Benefiting Qi

Function 4: Promote skin microcirculation, replenish water and moisturize, tighten elasticity and resist aging

Function 5: Promote calcium absorption and prevent calcium loss

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雪莲培养物与天山雪莲相比主要活性成分含量更高你的美 被它破坏女人的身体内有座“房子”




















六大核心成分:雪莲、红枣、鱼胶原蛋白、枸杞、阿胶、生姜。 ——暖宫养颜,由内而外双重呵养!











B365畅销产品️ [雪莲胶原暖颜饮] 五大养美功能——全程养护女性核心之美







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Product information:

【product benefits】 : scavenging free radicals, enhance immunity, improve sleep, enhance memory, anti-aging, reducing blood fat, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood viscosity, preventing senile dementia, strengthen the function of liver and gallbladder, adjust the female physiological cycles and the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, effective in preventing cancer, cancer, prevention and control of the formation of melanin, whiten spot, wrinkles, acne.
【usage】 : dilute it with water. It is recommended to dilute it with 30ml of water every time, 2-3 times a day.
【capacity】 : : 750ml/ bottle
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