Who we are?

We are proud of Guangzhou Aürance Biological Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2009, is located in Guangzhou Venture Capital Town more than 8000 square meters of the entire building.
A collection of health products and artificial intelligence group, with 18 branches, B365 fruit enzyme as the core of brands, Has become the industry's leading brand, many national agents and partners, with five holding subsidiaries, covering health food, daily chemical products, beauty medical..《About Aürance》

What products do we offer?

Health products are the industry we have been doing, with health and safety has always been the goal of providing reliable products around the world.
Aürance health products : intestinal health series (B365 fruit enzyme, SHIQIAN JIUMEI, probiotics, SOD enzyme concentrate); Energy series (collagen, POLYGONATUM GINSENG DRINK ,); Skin beauty series (enzyme mask, grape seed); Care series (Crystal Love's Series, enzyme washing and care series, Crystal Love's eye cream);《More Aürance Products》

Why choose us ?

Customer witness is one of the best power spread word-of-mouth, B365 fruit enzyme is the domestic earlier will enzyme products perfect fusion, convey a positive and healthy lifestyle, the natural energy health brand, so far, the product has covered international markets such as Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States of B365 fruit enzyme powder do domestic industry leading position for many years,Brand strength and reliable quality witness the strength of the company...《Aürance B365 Introduction》


    B365 Enzyme Health Products Series



    天然健康 B365酵素
B365 Natural Fruit Enzyme ,Two flavors: lime / kiwi

B365 Fruit & Vegetable Enzymes / Two flavors: lime / kiwi


Skin Health
Gut Health
Liver Health
Endocrine balance
Boost Immune System
Lower Blood pressure
Lower Cholesterol
Weight Control

B365 Natural Fruit Enzyme ,Two flavors: lime / kiwi
B365 Natural Fruit Enzyme ,Intestinal SPA expert

B365 Natural Fruit Enzyme, sourced from a variety of high-quality tropical fruits and vegetables in Malaysia. After the exclusive use of enzyme stabilization technology, add a variety of natural formulas that are beneficial to the human body. Through high-tech equipment treatment, complete retention of active substances and biological essence, so that products more effectively help the body to promote absorption, activation of cells, to solve the indigestion caused by stool deposition and concation brought about constipation, more effective suppression of fat to reach the bowel fat and conditioning endocrine disorders let you from the inside out of the beauty of the skin.

六大优势 独领风骚

Six Advantages Lead the Way B365 Natural Fruit Enzyme Home Official website

Hot Big Health Enzyme Brand Training System: Aürance Profit System


Reasons to choose to join Aürance

The reason to join❶:
Professional: senior nutritionist team, 28 days, 3-for-1 tracking service, professional guidance, scientific management,
The reason to join❷:
Focus on the big health industry for more than 10 years, craftsmanship quality!
The reason to join❸:
All products are of food grade and have been tested and recorded by the state food and drug administration. Quality assurance, safety and reliability .

Aürance B365 career advantages:
(1) B365 repurchase rate of 98%, high viscosity automatic maintenance of customers
(2) Cut middlemen, take more cheap price
(3) Perfect training service system, training agents to grow platform, as long as you do, we will be led
(4) Profit + re-purchase, easy and simple
(5) A universal authorization, the whole mixed batch, simple delivery
(6) Large companies, brand operation, strong endorsement can be long-term development
(7) Overseas market occupy, Korea, Singapore, Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, everywhere are our international agents, as well as overseas customers

The cause of this product is worth your careful understanding, WeChat ID: B365ALL consulting join!

Aürance B365 group headquarters Enzyme professional weight loss and fat loss tracking

300 billion blue ocean market, win-win era of big health enzyme

Aürance can become the leader of micro business, let so many people join us! Trust us! The fundamental reason is that our model cannot be surpassed! Choose auran, you will never lose!

Aürance Company

傲澜 – 与传奇者同行
Aürance – Walking with legends

Aürance is a modern day company with integrated product development, operations and marketing. The company has 5 subsidiaries with business covering health care products, Daily use cosmetics, beauty therapy, media and marketing. The company is well-established and specializes in health care products. It has grown from strength and strength, while integrating corporate culture and appropriate resources. The company has expanded gradually across the entire country, and is now established globally, which is in line with Aürance’s ambitions and international aspirations. Aürance B365 Enzyme Chinese WeChat ID: B365ALL

广州傲澜生物科技有限公司(简称傲澜),成立于2009年,是一家集产品研发、运营推广、营销整合为一体的现代化企业,总部设立于中国广州。旗下拥有5大控股子公司,涵盖健康食品、日化品、美容医疗、传媒营销等。厚积薄发,以大健康产业为背景,不断壮大,整合企业内外资源,事业版图逐步覆盖全国迈向世界,成为一家具有国际化视野企业。B365品牌作为傲澜核心品牌之一,扎根大健康时代,稳扎稳打进军全球化,以过硬产品品质赢得了广泛的大众口碑,严于质量把关,精于原料甄选,选自国际化生产……秉承“品质至上”宗旨,每一步都脚踏实地,品牌影响力日益深远,尤其在众多微商品牌销声匿迹之时,却能脱颖而出飞速发展。傲澜斥资巨额,成立战略营销中心、产品研发团队、国际市场调研部、国内顶尖导师团等,并开展大规模广告投放和科教普及,更大力度进行推广。傲澜将以崭新的姿态亮相中国,面向世界。 傲澜B365中国网站 ,马上联络微信号:B365ALL 咨询。

Aürance South Korea’s super star concert

B365 the final event of the second session of China’s ‘Good Girlfriend’ was held in South Korea. Many international stars including Chae Yeon, PSY, and South Korea’s top female and male pop groups, were invited to attend South Korea’s super star concert. The event was a major success and full of dancing, singing and cheering.

The International Aürance 6000 celebration was held in South Korea

The International Aürance 6000 celebration was held in South Korea, where South Korean officials’ Mayor of Incheon and the tourism secretary received us at the airport. In Mar, 2016, about 4,500 people attended the fried chicken and beer carnival party in South Korea, which was in news published by many authoritative domestic and international media, and caught the attention of the world.
—— 傲澜6000人跨国盛典强势登陆韩国,韩政要仁川市长、韩国旅游局长亲自接机,4500人在异狂欢炸鸡啤酒派对,国内外多家权威媒体争相报道,轰动世界!

Aürance Korean Korea Concert

Dream blossoms, A Rising Star in Asia South Korean officials meet the delegation at the airport, The 4,500 people who attended the fried chicken and beer carnival party in South Korea, South Korea’s Final event of the Second Session of China’s ‘Good Girlfriend’ program. Many international stars including Chae Yeon, PSY, etc. attended the super star concert in South Korea.


B365 brand strength certificate qualification

Guangzhou Aürance Biotech Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2009, we know that good quality can let enterprises go longer,, from the beginning of the company to strict food safety control, enzyme products and healthy life concept of perfect integration, communication positive, to create a healthy brand of natural vitality. So far has become the national enzyme brand leader, in the field of enzymes occupy the first share of the national market, witness the food safety level and the strength of the health industry.

Aürance B365 brand strength certificate qualification

B365 Brand National Offline Activities

B365 as the core brand of Aürance, hot internet, detonated the national terminal, by virtue of excellent quality to become a well-known health brand, and set off a health boom throughout the country, causing high concern from all walks of life. Has sold tens of millions of enzyme brands, become a batch of loyal customers, they love B365 enzymes, and are willing to share enzymes to those around them, they are due to the benefits of enzymes to improve their health, make their bodies better, more beautiful. At the same time, we also welcome you to join our sharing team or become our agent, consult in detail WeChat ID: B365ALL

100,000 modern production base

Standard aseptic purification workshop, 100,000 high standard dust-free working environment, pure raw material selection, a full range of safety inspection, 100% quality assurance!
Non-production researchers are not allowed to enter and leave the production workshop at will, must be sterile disinfection before entering, wearing shoes and hats fully armed.

Quality first witness together

"Quality first, service leading" into the B365! B365 agents from all over the country as well as consumers, witness b365 growth, witness B365 on the pursuit of high-quality dedication, strict control!
B365 brand to do a solid backing of the national agent, but also the defender of consumer interests! Excellent quality, safety and security, we are strict with the quality!
B365 grow swellwith with you, firm lying at the pace of the great health era, healthy beauty with you 365 days a year!


Professional operations team and one-on-one health advisor elite

Aürance has a professional, strong enough to operate the team, not only has a wealth of practical experience, but also has a strong professional height, can accurately grasp and meet customer needs, Efficient service to the vast number of agents, has won a high degree of recognition from all walks of life. At the same time to hire expert-level nutrition consultant elite, for the national agent training dissemination of health knowledge, to serve consumers.

Aürance B365 professional strong enough to operate the team

Aürance Biological Group B365 SOD Fruit Enzyme Raw Solution

Aürance B365 SOD Fruit Enzyme Raw Solution

Easy tiredness, wrinkles, long stomach, low blood sugar and other phenomena appear in yourself too early, you feel really old? You're sick? Stressed? Lack of nutrition? In fact, the real reason is the lack of enzymes! Often complain, eat a large number of health care products, can not solve the problem from the fundamental, often exercise, maintain good rest time is far from enough, more important also need to the conditioning of the disease, eat the enzyme!

Main ingredients

Golden oranges, grapes, mulberry, orange, lychee, dragon's eye, lemon, dates, strawberries, apples, plums, pears, guava, watermelon, red dates, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, lotus mist, cherries, tomatoes, green peppers, parsley, corn, kelp, mushrooms, and more than 200 kinds of fruits and vegetables

Product effects

Clear free radicals, improve immunity, improve sleep, enhance memory, delay aging, effectively reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood viscosity, prevention of Alzheimer's disease, enhance liver and bile function, regulate the female physiological cycle, prevent and control prostatitis, effective prevention of tumors, cancer, prevention and control of melanin formation, whitening plaque, wrinkle, acne.

How to use ?

Diluted drinking water, recommended 30ml, 2-3 times a day, according to the individual taste 5-8 times the water dilution, water temperature below 40 degrees, do not destroy enzyme activity。

B365 ShiQian JiuMei Mix Fruit Drink: the essential god of oil-reducing

Aürance B365 ShiQian JiuMei Mix Fruit Drink

Beauty women essential: long-lasting beauty, its efficacy and drinking methods. Food fiber long-american mixed fruit juice fermentation drink (liquid enzyme) is a new enzyme product launched by Aolan Biotech Co., Ltd., it selects a variety of fruit concentrate essence, rich in a variety of natural plant ingredients, activate the human body a variety of enzymes, promote human metabolism, reduce free radical attack, inject new energy into the body. 8 times more efficient activity makes the body excrete toxins at the same time, more healthy and beautiful. More about: B365 ShiQian JiuMei Mix Fruit Drink WeChat ID : B365ALL

Aürance B365 Natural Fruit Enzyme

    B365 Fruit Enzymes : Skin Health,Gut Health ,Liver Health ,Endocrine balance ,Boost Immune System ,Lower Blood pressure ,Lower Cholesterol ,Weight Control  ! Welcome global partners to join us, share health, share enzyme, become our excellent distributor, become our partner, agent of enzyme entrepreneurial wealth. Our WeChat ID: B365ALL , Please add to join us.

B365 Fruit Enzyme Topic, B365 Enzyme Information

B365 Fruit Enzyme Topic

What is B365 Fruit Enzyme? Aürance company produced B365 fruit enzyme powder sold at home and abroad, dedicated to provide you with information about enzymes and video topics, so that you clearly understand the health benefits of enzymes, enzyme brand product line...B365 Fruit Enzyme

B365 Fruit Enzyme products catalog Help Center

B365 Enzyme Help Center

About B365 Fruit Enzyme products catalog Help Center, can help you more and how to drink , How to better use enzymes for your health and access more professional health consultants,In the process of use to make the effect better, consult more professional can contact us...B365 Enzyme Help Center

Aürance Group's activities and agent shopping presentation meeting related

Aürance Company news

Aürance Group companies every month in the country to carry out investment, B365 enzymes and entrepreneurship instructions, business conference-related activities, so that those with entrepreneurial intentioncan can join our big stage, share big health products...Aürance Media Acting Partner Recruitment